The Trust

Since 2010, the Trust has been run as a limited liability company Lunuganga Trust ( Pvt.) Ltd and the current Trustees are:

  • Sunethra Bandaranaike (Chairperson, Lunuganga Trust)
  • Ward Beling
  • Channa Daswatte (Chairperson, Geoffrey Bawa Trust)
  • Chamika de Alwis
  • Sanjay Kulatunga
  • Suhanya Raffel
  • Nadija Tambiah

The objects of the Geoffrey Bawa Trust are the advancement and promotion of education and knowledge and the furtherance of interest in:Ecological and environmental studies including interalia Botany, Zoology, Bird Sanctuary, Natural History, Nature Study, Preservation of Wild Life, Fauna and Flora, Environmental Landscaping and associated fields of study; Architecture Fine Arts such as Painting, Music, Drama, Sculpture, Scientific Technical or Literary work. To grant assistance in the form of studentships, scholarships, Bursaries, Loans, Allowances, Payment for or in Reimbursement of the cost of travel (Both inland and/or abroad) Books, Equipment, Fees and Other expenses incurred in the promotion and furtherance or the foregoing objects. To establish maintain and manage galleries for the fine arts, museums, libraries, reading rooms, cultural centres, research libraries and facilities. To subsidize art classes in school and educational institutions and to organize lectures, tours, picnics, public meetings, for promotion and furtherance of foregoing objects; To carry on and maintain any undertaking by itself or in association with any other organization, government or private and whether affiliated to any foreign or international organization and encourage interest in the forgoing objects. For the purpose of doing all other acts and things as may be necessary to the attainment of the objects.

The Lunuganga Trust is a private trust that was set up in 1994 with the object of looking after the two properties that belonged to Mr. Geoffrey Bawa (and now ceded to the Trust) in Colombo and Bentota. Both properties are of outstanding architectural value and deemed masterpieces of architecture and landscape in a global context.

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Geoffrey Bawa Trust
Number 11, 33rd Lane,
Bagatelle Road,
Colombo 03, Sri Lanka
(+94) 11 2589212
Lunuganga Estate
Dedduwa, Bentota,  Sri Lanka
(+94) 77 7341104
(+94) 71 855 4699
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