May 2021

Virtual Workshop: Illustrating (Canine*) Personalities with Sam Weerawardane

Saturday, 29 May 2021
10 a.m.–12 p.m.
LKR 2,500 per person
Limited spaces available,
please email to register.

No one would deny that Geoffrey Bawa loved his dogs. The black-and-white aficionado owned a series of Dalmatians, all named Leopold, yet each dog had his own personality and character. In tribute to Bawa's Dalmatians and Barbara Sansoni's delightful anthropomorphic animal drawings, which Bawa treasured, this virtual workshop will show you how to bring your pet's unique personality to life. Illustrator Sam Weerawardane will demonstrate the conceptual and practical exercises necessary to draw out the character of your canine*, and work one-on-one with workshop participants as they develop their illustrated keepsake.
*All pets are allowed!
With a background in advertising, Sam Weerawardane is an illustrator, designer and writer based in Sri Lanka. Having grown up around dogs, she is fascinated by their various antics, and sketches them to capture their curious natures and cheeky looks.

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