The Greedy Forest–Colombo Exhibition Catalogue

This exhibition catalogue explores the inimitable landscaped environments of Laki Senanayake, tantalizingly gestated years earlier in his drawings and sculptures. Through extensive research carried out by curator Max Moya, the catalogue and the exhibition of the same title presents an incisive and profound understanding of Laki’s work.

Mining drawings, sketches, publications and ephemera from a range of archives, including Laki’s own and the Geoffrey Bawa Collection, the exhibition looks at Laki’s oeuvre of landscapes as they are situated within his artistic practice. Positing that there is an ideal forest in Laki Senanayake’s mind that is the subject of most of his work, the exhibition tries to understand this fantasy space. This is the first edition of ‘The Greedy Forest’ catalogue supporting the exhibition of the same title that took place at the Barefoot Gallery in Colombo, Sri Lanka. 
Size 14.8cm x 21cm
Year of Design 2018
Editor Cynthia Rosenfeld
Curator Max Moya
Authors Max Moya, C. Anjalendran,
Channa Daswatte, Shayari de Silva
Design GH Resources
Pages 122
Format Paperback

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