The Geoffrey Bawa Trust hosts a three-part series of participatory events from August to November 2022, in an effort to expand the conversation around Justin Samarasekera (1916−2003), Minnette de Silva (1918−1998), Geoffrey Bawa (1919−2003), Panini Tennekoon (1923−2007) and Valentine Gunasekara (1931−2017).

To improve the information available on these five architects in the digital sphere, a Wiki-edit-a-thon will be hosted at the De Saram House by Geoffrey Bawa, followed by an Open House Colombo, our first event as part of the Open House Worldwide network, to visit and experience some of their key buildings. The programme ends with Model Ideas, a series of workshops and a public exhibition of reinterpretations or analyses of these buildings through architectural model making in collaboration with Hatch Maker Studio.

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